Welcome to BCMarket.com, the new service brought to you by BEECRAZY. Since July 2010, BEECRAZY has established itself as a key player in Hong Kong e-commerce market. Our team of 130 people works day and night to serve over 1,100,000 customers and thousands of Merchants in Hong Kong. 

Today, we are pleased to invite selected Merchants to join BCMarket. The benefits are clear:

  • post up to 300 products at any given time
  • decide the pricing strategy by yourself
  • upload the products by yourself easily
  • reaching over a million affluent customers in Hong Kong
  • even less expensive than a group buying promotion
  • no individual item listing fees

We believe that with BCMarket we are (yet again) changing the online shopping landscape in Hong Kong. 

To our Merchants, we offer access to over a million customers. We vow to make your online business on BCMarket a roaring success. 

To our Customers, we offer the very same award-winning BEECRAZY customer service. We offer peace of mind when shopping online. We promise the best & widest selection of products in Hong Kong. 


Happy Selling! Happy Shopping! 

Your BCMarket Team